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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 4 -

I love me some Black Widow. I had a huge fantasy crush on the character as a teenager. It was probably a combo of the artists drawing her (Perez and Lee did incredible versions of her) as well as her USSR origins. What can I say, I was a child during the Reagan Admin. Tasha had the allure of the forbidden fruit. And though I am NOT a ScarJo fan in the least I enjoyed what Whedon did immensely. But... I don't want to see her taking up too much room in AGE OF ULTRON. Sorry, but there is already too much to cover in a satisfying way I think. The Maximoffs, and Ultron (possibly Vision) and giving Clint his due, and continuing the dynamic between Cap, Thor and Tony, and dealing with possible fallout of the plots for Thor and Cap's follow up films, and..... As much as I love BW for being an awesome badass character, I honestly would prefer her to not be included. Hearing this news for just one second gave me a TDKRises vibe of having way too much for one film. Then I remembered who is doing the writing and directing, and it's Mister Ensemble himself. Still.... It has me a little worried.

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