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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

I thought the credits intermission scene was kind of lame and not worth the hype I'd seen built up around it, for some reason I was expecting more.

Happy that

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Silver Samurai wasn't just a robot. Best case scenario was Harada but Mangold went with the Identity twist. They even mislead you for a bit that it is just a robot by appearing to cutt off its head then I was starting to get a little mad because I wanted somebody in there...which there was.

I love the fights

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particular with Wolverine and Shingen and the preceding fight with the Yukio

It was a very small nod to comic Yukio when

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She and Wolverine get on the jet and she just wants to be around him. With the two year gap you can fill your imagination or fanfiction up with the possibilities.

I really liked Jackman in this.


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seemed like her voice was all ADR. I'm guessing it is which is why the performance wasn't as strong. Liked the showdown with Wolverine and Yukio. She served as a good red herring of sorts.

Mariko was quite lovely though

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the whole Jean continuity thing was getting in the way. We know it could never work out but she's a bit of a distraction. At least Wolverine finally moves on with his life, though it doesn't seem in complete continuity with the end of X:TLS Wolverine ending.

Wolverine's memories

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I don't understand this. It works in context of the movie but not in the series...does it?

I might see this again next week. And looking forward to the blu-ray release.

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