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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
When Logan stabbed the guy through the door it was visually superb, the way Logans face is obscured by the window, makes him look like the dangerous killer we all know he is, a hidden animal. Mangold understands the character of Wolverine nobody can deny that
Agreed. Even that bath scene, when he's walking out afterwards, he looked like he was about to kill someone. It actually got one of the biggest laughs from my audience tonight.

This was the surliest we've ever seen him too. His attitude for the entire movie is, "I just don't give a flying **** what you think." It's great.

I love the scene too when he wakes up in the vet's office. He's not just out of it at first, it's like he's not sure what he's feeling because he's not used to being in pain like that.

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