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Default Re: What's the worst that can happen?

Anything but an A list star gets cast as Batman. Warner Brothers needs to outbid Disney (Episode VII) over Ryan Gosling rights

Snyder and Goyer listen to critics too much, so Superman becomes a boyscout that saves cats from trees while educating the public about the safety of airplanes and subways. And no fight lasts longer then 30 seconds. When Superman gets knocked into walls he bounces off them.

The movie makes too big of a deal out of the destruction in Metropolis

Superman is hated by almost everyone on earth

Critics (Richard Roeper for one) continue their irrational hatred of Zack Snyder films. They pan the character development AGAIN depsite the fact most other comic book movies dont do a better job. They pan the amount of CGI AGAIN despite the fact theres similar amounts in other comic book films.

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