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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
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Yashida faked his death because Wolverine didn't hand over his mutation willingly. Viper poisoned him, then they faked Yashida's death so that they could capture Logan at the funeral, assuming he would be weakened without his healing factor. But he escaped. They took Mariko as a means to lure Logan to the temple to finally take away his healing power. They had no time - Yashida would have died if they had waited any longer.

Yashida had been obsessed with mutants ever since he was saved by Logan in WWII, and he'd bankrupted the company with his experiments. Shingen hated mutants because of what his father's obsession had done to their company, and he was trying to keep it from being passed to Mariko because he wanted to take it over and restore their honor, as he had been lying to stockholders over the state of company.
Still didn't make sense.

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The whole plan was to capture Logan. It would have made much more sense to do this right after he was drugged and staying at the Yashida home. The Yazuka at the funeral were not after Logan, they were the men hired by Shigin and Mariko's Fiance to capture Mariko, hence why they were trying to kill Logan and capture Mariko, and why they tried to attack Viper.

Faking his death made no sense. It only lengthened his time spent trying to get to Logan because it caused a power squabble in his family. Again, something that didn't make sense, because if he was being smart, he would have kept Shingin thinking that he would inherit the company, sense Shigen was actually keeping information from their shareholders that the old man was pouring money into trying to stay alive, something that if the shareholders found out, they could have possibly put a stop to.

There was no benefit at all to him faking his death, and that's a pretty big plot flaw.


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