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Default Re: What's the worst that can happen?

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
1.Batman & Superman spend more time at odds than as partners
2.No A list villain.(We need more than just Lex.He's a given.Preferably a Batman villain)
3 Bruce doesn't interact with Clark (outside the "suits")
4 Bruce doesn't get to interact with Lois
5 Lois doesn't have an important enough role.
6 Jimmy Olson gets the shaft.Again.
7 Alfred should make an appearance.
I can see #1 happening at first but it wont be the entire movie. They have to become friends or partners in order for JLA to work. Cavill has already said there will be a villain(s) in the movie. I do not see Batman as the villain. Snyder is directing it and MOS was his movie, no way Batman upstages Superman. That would be Snyder killing his own creation and I dont think he is that dumb. I am sure Lois and Clark will have more of a role than in MOS. I am sure we will get to see Bruce, whoever they hire is the new Batman so we need are going to be seeing him for some time. I do not see Alfred in this movie. This isnt a Batman movie and side characters do not need to be brought into this from Gotham. I am sure Gotham wont even be part of this movie unless Lex visits. I see Bruce coming to Metropolis.

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