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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 4 -

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I just hope they stay as far away as possible from anything that even remotely brings to mind the Terminator movies or HAL or Battlestar or I,RObot or about a hundred episodes of various tv shows. A.I. run amok is second only to time travel in the pantheon of overused scifi plot devices. They need to make Ultron a real character who just happens to be artificial. I trust Whedon knows this.
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That's the one thing I always worried about an Ultron-centric Avenger movie from way back; and now that Joss has apparently kicked Hank Pym to the curb, I worry even more. Fanboys like me are already up in arms because we know that Joss is crapping on a major part of Avenger canon; but mainstream audiences could easily start hating on this concept, too, if it turns into just another been-there done-that killer robot movie.

By taking away the psychosexual deviance of the Pym-Ultron-Janet relationship, Joss has taken away the heart and the horror of the Frankenstein story variant. That's what drives Ultron stories, *not* "zomg killer robot!!1!1!!"
Whedon already toyed with implicit themes of artificial intelligence in Buffy the Vampire Slayer with, for example, the one-time character April (who, hilariously enough, was in love with her creator).

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From SHH
Great if you ask me. Black Widow was one of the best developed characters in the first Avengers and I was afraid she would lose her charm in the sequel (with so many characters et all).

Great to know she'll be intersting once again.

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