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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Pretty sure the Stryker actor was on the set for more than a few days, and was announced only recently, so maybe it was a last minute addition although we have no way of knowing that. I'm thinking his scenes will tie into something, along with Havoc's scenes, regarding the fates of future characters. It won't be a throw away cameo. I also don't see them spending too much time in Vietnam, so even though Logan may have to escape Vietnam, Stryker may be hunting him throughout the movie, finally finding him at the end. Otherwise there is no reason to have his character in a DoFP movie.

So either there is a scene that directly leads into the events of the OT, like Stryker stumbling onto Cerebro and conconcting his grand plan in X2 years later, or something gets changed. It's 50/50 as far as I'm concerned.

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