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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
You are more than welcome to cling onto your fanboy wet dreams of a proper Deadpool version. But the film makers need to think logically before they make anymore drastic changes. We know Stryker had an interest in Scott from Origins. Havoc could be the beginning of that. Or maybe Sinister has been pulling the strings from the getgo and has been puppeting Stryker all this time. Or Stryker is Sinister... . These are the kind of logical changes I think the film makers are thinking about.
Thats one change in the canon, I wouldn't mind so much if it can make sense within the X film canon. To this day, I am still pissed at Origins for taking a dump on Deadpool. I mean its like they didn't care or even have knowledge or respect for the character. It was the biggest middle finger to X-men and Deadpool fans everywhere. I would actually like to know who actually came up with that crappy version of Deadpool and give him a piece of my mind ha ha.

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