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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
two reasons for this imo.
1. Timm's superman for all it's celebration isn't all that great(unless he's dealing with Mxy). Especially in JLU.
I've heard people say that a few times over the years. I've watched a few episodes recently but for the most part I haven't watched the bulk of the series since it aired while I was a kid. I've heard it argued often that the series de-powered him too much. Do you think this is one of the main problems with the series?
2. Anyone facing the Joker for the first time will look really dumb next to batman, that was almost the point. I think if WF can avoid joker(and they will), this should be as big a problem.
Good point. They'd be insane to go near the Joker again. Bale's Batman is well-liked, but Ledger's Joker... that's a completely different level of veneration.

Hopefully... hopefully... this next installment is indeed a Superman movie that features Batman, with Batman inhabiting Superman's world and not the other way around. Let him be a supporting character, and give us as much Superman as possible.

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