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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion (Spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pa

I think having batman show up will serve to inform superman on the type of hero he wants to develop into in his own right. I also think it's going to provide for a great contrast to further illustrate to the audience just how on point the MOS characterization is. Next to batman superman has a way of looking "super".

As for the issues I personally have with timms characterization. I don't mind the depowering, though I think it lead to a few issues of inconsistency down the road when other heroes showed up, still better than then having to depower fully into the series. For me I can see alot of similarities with MOS. The character isn't given all that much to say outside of what's put in front of him. In the comics and even in the donnerverse(this doesn't include Returns), Superman is a vocal idealist. He never misses a beat to let us and everyone know what he thinks is right inspite of the situation in front of him. Timm mostly gave me a smalled eye mute with enough personality to be out shined everytime another hero rolled into town. That was over 15 years of TV. I hope they give Cavil more vocal idealism in the next film. Considering both batman and lex may show up I see this as a great opportunity.

Vocal Idealism being very much a part of characters like Ang in Avatar and Naruto if you are familiar with them. You know they have a strong opinion on various things.

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