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Default Re: X-Men 3: WHY all the hate?...seriously it was awesome!

I didn't like how the characters were underutilized and the whole Phoenix thing was just shoehorned in.

Killing Cyclops really annoyed me also. Professor X , I just assumed Patrick Stewart no longer wanted to play him that's why they did the possible bodyswitch ploy.

I understand the deeper undermeanings about being able to unmutant people but I loathe with the power unattainable to most mortals stories where superpowers and physical features are things you can neutralize or pour out of people. One of the few things that COMPLETELY breaks my suspension of belief.

It bothered me that Magneto just left mystique instead of trying to fix her and there was also no emotional response to losing his lifelong companion other than "Pity , she was so beautiful". I know they were trying to make appoint about Magneto but I didn't buy it.

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