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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
I guess a MOS sequel is up in the air at this point. Seems unlikely WB would skip out on a sequel to a character whose rights they fought so hard to regain though. I suppose it would be a shame if Cavill spent the rest of his superman contract in team ups.
It wouldnt bother me at all if he spent the rest of his time as Superman in teamups. In addition to Man of Steel, possible films could be Worlds Finest, a couple of justice league films, and maybe another teamup with Wonder Woman.

I always liked the Justice League animated series, but thought the 90s Superman animated series was very mediocre. I like the Superman character, but one of the reasons its so difficult to bring him to film is that hes so strong that it limits the number of enemies capable of fighting him without the kryptonite gimmick.

In a solo Superman film really what is there to explore? The romance with Lois? Rivalry with Lex? As for villains Doomsday is just a monster which would certainly gather the attention of the Justice League. Metallo is based on the kryptonite gimmick.

Again I really like the character but if he never got another solo film I'd be fine with it. And I loved Man of Steel. I just see them having alot of trouble writing a Superman story in world where the Justice League exists and theres no villain that can fight him evenly without kryptonite

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