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Default Re: Its that time again to rank the X-Men movies!

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
The problem isn't having read the comics, the problem in my opinion is that he felt Wonder Woman didn't have any worthy villain to use and instead went with an original one.
That's a valid critism.

For wondr woman to last so long she has some good villains.

In Iron Man 3 had the real mandarian had been Ben Kingsly and It would have been said he was true mastermind of 10 rings,which was ignored in film,and was a villain bent for world domination some people would have been more happy.You would have been true to spirit of mandarian while ignoring the racist problems of mandarian and rings of alien origin.Instead of the hatchet job done.

And if you do wonder woman solo film In present day your making mistake.a 1940's setting is ideal.And you can't ignore the greek gods connection to WW.

Best Marvel films-X2 X-Men Days of Future Past The Amazing Spider-Man X-Men Captain America The Winter Soldier The Wolverine X-Men first Class The Avengers Iron Man The Incredible Hulk
Best DC films-Superman Batman Returns Batman The Dark Knight Batman Begins Superman II The dark Knight Rises Superman Returns Watchmen
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