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Default Re: Its that time again to rank the X-Men movies!

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
Also, I'm very glad Fox isn't trying to compete with Marvel/Disney in regards to merchandise tie-ins/toys for their new X-movies. That alone shows their focus is on a slightly older audience.
I doubt that Fox's focus on a mature audience is the reason. If you look at the Marvel 10Ks prior to the Disney purchase, Marvel retained control over movie tie-in merchandising with their film licensing partners, along with a majority split of the sales proceeds. I have no doubt Fox would love to have DOFP merchandise on the shelves next summer, but Disney/Marvel would have to agree to clear space reserved for Rocket plush toys and Groot posable figures in order to do so. They would also be required to pay Fox their split while supporting a franchise in which Marvel, by all accounts, receives a meager portion of the box office gross. So don't expect to see DOFP t- shirts for sale unless Fox and Disney/Marvel cut a deal - hopefully involving FF rights.

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