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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
And it will probably be my biggest issue with Bryan Singer.

I feel like in his head, he picks things what should be considered canon or not.
And I think people thinking DOFP Is going to erase most of films are going to be

Returning to series to erase his own films very unlikely

at most some things from non singer films are going to retconned

Or let's put it this way.Doe people really expect X-force,more films with Original cast and more Wolverine solo can be done if all films besides first class and 1973 parts of ODFP are erased.This would trap future films as peroid pieces.

and what makes anyone think Fox would want that since they have been wanting films to remain connected.

and people are ignoring bryan said at comic con while hinting at time travel causes some changes said he wants some contunity.And finally Singer could
be misleading people since he went to James Cameron for advice.The terminator,or should I say the original version since reboot madness Is hitting
terminator,has time travel attempting to change future actully causes future to come into being.

If fox wanted to reboot why bother with the wolverine and DOFP.No studio cares about giving closure to any series they just reboot.

and first class has plenty of connection to the "Singerverse" the backstory of Xavier and magneto working together when Xavier started his work comes not from comics but from "Singerverse" as does the entire magneto-Mystique relationship.As for claiming the "Singerverse" Is leaving baggage I say what the hell are you talking about.X2 remains eather the top or second X-Men film.The baggage comes from last stand and origins.The wolverine Is proof doing film In post Last stand cna work.

X-Men Is not the avengers.X-Men Is often darker and deals with more serious subjects than you will ever find In a Avengers related film.Disney's approach works for the avengers.It doesn't for X-Men.And not restarting entire series alllowes It to go In new directions.You want Apocalypse In films?You want an X-force film? You want more films like the wolverine? continuing Is the way to go.

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