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Default Re: Days of Future Past SPOILERS! (You have been warned!)

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
Yeah It did seem abit cheesy,
Same. It also looked like Stewart had really bad make-up in that scene. I actually thought they de-aged Stewart a la TLS opening sequence.

I was expecting Logan to turn around and see xavier right behind him
My bro thought Xavier would be behind Magneto. But yea Xavier zooming around in his wheelchair was very weird.

Mangold on the after-credits scene he directed:

The whole sequence was built around the shot where we’d unveil Patrick, and I created this shot where he’s weaving through all these frozen airport patrons and that is Patrick Stewart with a joystick and electric wheelchair and that isn’t easy. He’s doing a kind of Olympic slalom through all these extras and uh, he’s a badass on that thing.”
Just because he can, doesn't mean he should. ugh

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