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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

At my theatres there were 2 screens.1 for 2-3 and one for 3-d.And there were a lot at my theatre going for the wolverine.some like me for 3-d and others for 2-d.

A major problem with man of steel was It went far too much reimaging of superman.If It had been based more on secret origin as rumor said It would have been far better.The secret origin miniseries was far superior to man of steel.

and if s funny some were hating on smallville and yet Smallville fans will tell you they see plenty of smallville Influences In film.

The realistic approach of Nolan's work for batman.And Nolan was able to bring the 2 best batman films with begins and dark knight but it doesn't work for superman.

And I have always believed bryan singer's work on X-Men and X2 influenced people like Nolan and Jon favreau.

Best Marvel films-X2 X-Men Days of Future Past The Amazing Spider-Man X-Men Captain America The Winter Soldier The Wolverine X-Men first Class The Avengers Iron Man The Incredible Hulk
Best DC films-Superman Batman Returns Batman The Dark Knight Batman Begins Superman II The dark Knight Rises Superman Returns Watchmen
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