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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Really cool. Here's something I've posted elsewhere but it works here. It was from this one thought somebody else had about that Comic-Con quote about a possible direction that rather than Bruce/Batman saying that, what if it was Lex Luthor saying that to a beaten down Superman. It's not in a movie-script format like and impressive as the 1st post and not as detailed. Call it a draft of a draft of a draft haha.

(Superman is all bloodied and beaten on the ground with his costume in tatters in the big climatic battle with Lex in the Zod armor with Kryptonite ring)

(Camera moves to close-up of Lex with his hands at Superman's throat)

Lex: "I want you to remember you disgusting filthy... ALIEN!"

(Camera flashes to Clark's bloody face as he gasps to breathe)

Lex: "In all the years to come in your most private moments"

(Camera flashes to Clark's bloody face again as he slowly passes out)

Lex: "I want you to remember my hand at your throat"

(Camera then flashes to Lois running in and witnessing the ensuing scene and starts to tear up with hand at the mouth)

Lex: "I want you to remember the one man who beat you, LEX LUTHOR!"

Lois: "NO!"

(As Lex moves to deliver the killing blow smoke bombs roll in releasing smoke disorienting Lex)

(Batman jumps out, punching Lex out of the way, who gets knocked back toward Lois, and he grabs her, holding her by her throat as a human shield. Superman strains and manages a tiny bit of heat vision near Lex. Lex taunts him for missing, then Batman sneaks behind Luthor. Luthor raises his gauntlets up to hit Batman, but Lois headbutts Luthor and knocks him out. Batman calms Lois, and puts the Kryptonite back into to the lead box.Superman thanks him, and then flies an unconscious Luthor near a tv station, in order to publicly humiliate him (like Luthor has tried to do earlier).

I also imagined a scene where both Superman and Batman saves the life of a one Amazonian Princess aka Princess Diana before she became Wonder Woman as a way of introducing her to the audience. If people want one, I'll try and get one together unless someone beats me to it.

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