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Default Re: Days of Future Past SPOILERS! (You have been warned!)

Clearly some correlation was done between what Mangold & Co were doing and what Singer and his team were cooking up. Imagine The Wolverine didn't originally end with the Adamantium claws torn off. Leave a quasi-dangling plot thread to be resolved/further explored.

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Unless they have him somehow regain Adamantium to his claws for the future settings then he will have bone claws throughout the film (1973 Logan wouldn't have them either).
Singer addressed that (in a round about way in lieu of Wolverine's ending) at Comic-Con regarding changing continuity.

"Umm...whenever you are going back in time, and this is every bit as much a time travel movie as it is an X-Men movie. Uh, you-you-there is those risks. And so--and yet there are certain--yeah so some of that is going to happen and yet there are some things that--umm--you know if you believe in certain physics and multiverses and then umm--things like that and uh--then you also have a respect for the continuity as we have it. But mine is--is--I'm less so entrapped in those previous films and again I'm not the audience I'm just the filmmaker but I do believe in certain continuity that we will maintain but some things will change. It is the nature of time travel. You go back and mess about. Things happen."


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