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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

I like this show way too much for a man a few years shy of 40. But having grown up with TF (Sorry, I was way more a toon guy than a comic guy) and seen a lot of different takes, this version is tops in my book. It's almost a best of all worlds with it's own unique ID. I will miss it once it's gone.

That recent episode had an incredible 2 on 1 fight with Ultra Magnus and WheelJack vs the Predacon. I have watched TF: PRIME since the start and I think in totality it's more entertaining and truer to the TF mythology than Bay's films ever were. They do keep going on with Hasbro easter eggs (Sky Strikers, M.A.S.K. Division) to the point that this UNIT-E idea has me intrigued.

If this is the last series Welker and Cullen ever do for TF I, hope they can go out with a bang. Special props to the voice actor for StarScream. While there was a ton of comic relief with the character he always managed to keep him entertaining and believably cunning. That Starscream came up with the plan to keep the Predacon under Decepticon control is a... wait for it... PRIME example of how Steve Blum makes you believe in most characters he voices.

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