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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
You don't like Gosling for the role but you think Adkins would do well??? You want to go from Bale to Adkins? Oh boy. I think that Adkins is great for dumb action movies and should stay there.
What makes Gosling good to you guys? He doesn't have the look at all, especially the eyes. Sure, he's a good actor...but so are George Clooney and Val Kilmer....and yeah. Maybe a percieved(see:typecast) "dumb action guy" is what we need. Someone who has the action down and can work hard and break out their acting, instead of guys that have the acting but little of the action. The way some of you guys cast we may as well fire Zack Snyder and let WB handle the whole thing and turn it into **** like everything else they touch(unless you are a teen girl, then it rocks!).

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