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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

People here talk as if Batman is an Oscar nominated role that requires Laurence Olivier or Philip Seymour Hoffman to pull of convincingly. Jeez. It's a superhero film, let's not be pretentious. Most actors, unless they are just absolutely horrible, can pull it off with some effort. And Adkins IS an actor, and has starred in many movies and is a good actor I would say.

What about Cavill? I think he suffered from what people say a non A lister would suffer from. He had the look down pat - beyond perfect - but the acting was muted. Yet the movie was immensely successful.

I think Adkins would be perfectly fine. He can act, he can fight. And we need a terrifying Batman - see his Boyka to see how he can scare the bat**** out of people.

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