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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
People here talk as if Batman is an Oscar nominated role that requires Laurence Olivier or Philip Seymour Hoffman to pull of convincingly. Jeez. It's a superhero film, let's not be pretentious. Most actors, unless they are just absolutely horrible, can pull it off with some effort. And Adkins IS an actor, and has starred in many movies and is a good actor I would say.
Have we learned nothing? That is the mindset of an uninterested WB production exec in the 1990s. Depictions of comicbook characters do not need to be feather-light, underwrought and generally crappy. Bruce Wayne/Batman is a complex and difficult role that requires the convincing depiction of several characters within the character. Giving some stunt man "acting lessons" is not going to deliver an acceptable result. Acting is a somewhat technical and skilled undertaking- there is a reason why good ones are well paid, and there is a reason that, even in crappy movies, Batman is always played by a competent actor.

Originally Posted by BxB402 View Post
The joke is you sitting there pretending you've never seen a normally sub-par actor absolutely nail a role despite naysayers. Ruffalo was a panned choice for Banner after Norton, but he turned out to be the best one so far, in look and fitting the role. Before that all I saw was "Booo, ruffalo will bomb, want Norton back!". Everyone has Bale Syndrome right now.
1) Actually, I'm standing.

2) Whatever you say about Ruffalo, he is an actor. I do not wish to see the return of Bale, but the character does at least need to be played by a ****ing actor. I can't believe I had to type that.

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Why do you keep pretending that people are just fancasting Bale? People are not fancasting Bale.
Yeah, this thread has reached a new low.

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