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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

Now to break down this post:

Originally Posted by BxB402 View Post
No one other than Keaton was convincing either. They were all terrible Batmen, and a few of them, especially bale, were great Bruce Waynes.
Opinion stated as fact. Keaton portrayed the weird creature of the night Batman from the 30's, Clooney the capering crusader of the sixties, and Bale the modern utilitarian Batman. None of them were terrible, you just prefer one to the others.

But I agree, they were all phenomenal Bruce Waynes'.

The guys are essentially Bruce Waynes trying to convince us they are Batman. But even Batman himself is the opposite. He's Batman trying to convince people he's Bruce Wayne.
Misunderstanding of the character and one that DC themselves have been trying to get people to understand for well over a decade, Grant Morrison's Batman run from 2005-2013 was intended to show that Bruce Wayne is the identity and Batman a construction of it.

It's been 10 years since that 15 year period of grimdark ******* Batman but I have a feeling the stench of "Batman is the real man" will remain for years.

You all make it sound like it couldn't possibly work, but it's actually logically sound casting....and I have seen him in a lot of great action films...he's a pretty decent actor, enough to nail it with proper dedication, not terrible like some of you seem to think.
Why is it more plausible that an MMA fighter can learn to act, than an actor can learn some martial arts? I know which I'd rather have.

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Luckily, Batman won't be it.
I'm not sure if it's luck, or common goddamn sense.

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