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Default Re: Its that time again to rank the X-Men movies!

No doubt we'll be doing this again next yea

X-Men movie ranking

1. X-Men First Class - do I need to give by other reasons than Kevin Bacon and Magneto (played masterfully by Michael Fassbender) nazi hunter?
2. X-Men - I remember this one so fondly, it was the first film t the cinema that really wowed me. The fight scenes look a little dated now but still quality film
3. The Wolverine - character driven, beautiful film a little smaller in scale but still great
4. X-Men 2 - really good until the last 45 minutes where it just goes on and on in typical Bryan Singer fashion
5. X-Men 3: The Last Stand - not the best but not as bad as remembered, ok as a popcorn film
6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - pretty goddamn awful bar the first 10 minutes

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