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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Okay, here's that other scene I was thinking of. It takes place after Corben's assassination attempt on Lex and his car accident when he tries to avoid Superman but before any sort of opening credits.

It's raining in Gotham, the pavement's becoming puddles, the dirt becoming mud, and the sky as dark as the the souls of the criminals that inhabit it. It is one of these muddy patches that we see a yellowed and wet copy of the
Gotham Globe, a Daily News-style tabloid, showing the Superman logo and the headline- MAN OF STEEL! It is then that a foot steps down onto it, a police boot. The newspaper becomes stuck to the police officer's boot, but he doesn't care, and as he approaches a warehouse with a megaphone in hand, SWAT teams alongside him, we see it is not the Commissioner Gordon everyone was expecting, but instead DETECTIVE HARVEY BULLOCK, fat but fit, with an unkempt face. We hear some idle chat between some of the other cops, about how Clayface is on the loose, how somebody tried to shoot Lex Luthor in Metropolis, about how the Commissioner is at some magic show with his daughter... but they all stop with a few glares from Bullock. He raises the megaphone and speaks. One of the SWAT team members behind him stares down and sees the paper stuck to Bullock's foot, but doesn't do anything but roll his eyes.

BULLOCK (into megaphone)
Attention, this is Harvey Bullock of the GCPD, drop your weapons and come out with your hands up!

A beat. Nothing. Then gunfire, screams.


The police rush towards the warehouse, with but then, upon reaching the door, notice that the sounds have ended, replaced only by some pained groaning. Bullock turns to a cop.

I'm going in.

A female police officer- screw it, let's call her Renee Montoya- not too far away is incredulous, shocked at the idea he'll go in alone.

But, Detective Bullock...

Don't 'Detective Bullock' me, if it works for our new commish, it works for me....

The warehouse has haphazard lighting, with some of it of it having been destroyed in the battle. But there is enough lighting for us to see a few mooks knocked out, some storage boxes and other containers, and for us to see the door that BULLOCK busts in through.

He steps forward a few steps and sees an imposing man in kevlar body armor that has been cut up, a stylized balaclava (like the usual mask of KGBeast) sits not too far away from him. The camera follows BULLOCK as he walks up to the man, he kneels by him and notices a BATARANG laying nearby. He grabs it, lifts it up, and pokes the man with it, producing a half-awake groan. Then a voice comes from the shadow that causes Bullock to drop the Batarang, the voice of the Batarang's original owner... the voice of THE BATMAN!

His name is Anatoli Knyazev. He's a mercenary, ex-Russian Military. He and his thugs were here to protect shipments.

Shipments of what?

BULLOCK finally realizes the newspaper stuck to his boot and picks up and uses the discarded Batarang to get it off as Batman speaks.

Something from the India. It's gone now, Knyazev and his thugs were just cleaning up, getting rid of the evidence. Obviously our informant didn't tell us in time.

What would these mooks want to protect from India? Curry?

A beat, just long enough for you to imagine Batman thinking about how much he wished Jim Gordon was there instead of Harvey Bullock.

I don't know. It wasn't drugs or guns, though. It was something else. And I'm going to go find it.

Cut to Batman in a corner of the warehouse, not truly visible in anything but as a silhouette. He is looking at something- a delivery slip? A manifest? A letter? We can't see it...

BATMAN (cont.)
Tell Jim that I'll be out of town for a few days.

Back to Bullock...

But what if Clayface shows himself?

...Then I'll come back. But something was happening here that's bigger than Gotham.

Bullock gets back up fully on his feet, dropping the batarang to the ground as he goes to check out the shipping containers and crates.

Yeah, well, let me take a look.

He turns on his flashlight and moves close to one open and empty crate. A label is on the side of it.


Luthor? What the hell does he want with stuff coming through Gotham?


Bullock is seen from above, turning and looking around.


Batman? (beat) Batman?

The Batman, of course, has left the building. And the camera pans back to that batarang... now sitting next to that old newspaper. We see them next to each other: The Batarang and the Newspaper. The floor of the warehouse fades away, and now only the paper and the Batarang remain. Soon, the rest of the paper fades, and we see just two things, two icons, soaring on the movie screen: the SUPERMAN S and the BATMAN LOGO. And then, they move towards each other, COLLIDING TO FORM THE LOGO OF THE FILM. ROLL OPENING CREDITS!

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