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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
The reason I gave it a shot was because I'd recently (at the time) had just watched Hulk vs Wolverine and I read that the same people did the show so I went and watched it on the back of that. Loved it.

The 90s cartoon isn't as good now but I never old have loved the X-Men like I do now if I hadn't have watched it. That show when I was a kid along with the animated Spiderman and of course Batman shows were just amazing to me.

Yeah I'd love an original line up show but I just know that they wouldn't want to make it without Wolverine.

Ha ha Pryde of the X-Men was so bad
It's nice to know someone else started with the cartoons! I also remember watching X1 when my dad bought in VHS when it came out I was obsessed with that movie!

And I agree, it seems unlikely that they'd keep wolverine out, but hey! Cyclops is popular too and Iceman would become popular as well. Plus there'd be a girl, a furry friend and handsome winged blonde. They could pull it off and bring Wolverine in maybe mid season or in season 2.

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