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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

I like X-Men, Love X2 & First Class, was majorly disappointed in, but did not hate X-Men 3, and didn't like Origins, outside of a few things (such as Jackman, Schriber, and the score.) So, how does this hold up against the others? Well, for sure it's one of my favorites of the franchise, and superhero movies in general. I even like that they reference the lesser movies of the series, (I think I heard him scream Kayla?), proving that, outside of continuity consistencies, this is one singular franchise and nothing is kicked out of a X-Men movie timeline. FOX is really trying hard to make great movies. Jackman was a class act, as always, the action was great, the CGI looked awesome, Marco Beltrami wrote the most interesting and diverse score of the franchise, and the story was extremely mature, while still being accessible to children. The third act didn't bother me so much as it did other people,
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(I could see the big Silver Samurai reveal coming from a mile away)
, so overall I would give this a solid 9/10. Bring on DOFP.

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The way SONY dominated Marc Webb was way more hardcore than anything in 50 Shades anyways.
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