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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I like the direction this thread is headed in. Acting ability isn't half as important as fighting ability, musculature and having a powerful jawline. My guess is the current frontrunners are:

Dolph Lungren
Anderson Silva
Kevin Nash
Chris Jericho
Whoever Won American Ninja Warrior
Mike O'Hearn
The Situation
Brock Lesnar
LaRon Landry
Overexaggerate much? Oh, and speaking of ninja warrior I vote for Makoto Nagano for The Shredder. Seriously, you guys all seem to assume Adkins is just some mma fighter that broke into acting, when he's been acting and training since a teen. Got his break in the hong kong action scene etc. Look it up. None of you obviously know anything about him, just assumptions because most of his roles have been more centered on his fighting ability. Like I said, check out some of his other movies with more acting involved. Assassination Games and the newest Universal Soldier he was really good in and did more actual acting. And even with all the Undisputed bias, you have to recognise this guy is English, yet pulled off an amazingly accurate russian accent in that movie series. And is good enough at his art to convince you guys that he's an mma fighter. Haha

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