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Default Villains You'd Like to See Return...?

We've seen a ton of villains in the X-Men films so far, and some of them come back, while others...don't.

One of the cool things about the X-Men series is that, since it's been going on for so long--and presumably will continue to go on--we can recycle and reuse characters in grudge matches and stuff. Whether they need to recast the characters or just have the same guys come back for the same role, is there any villain you'd like to see make a reappearance, even as a henchman or something?

Personally, I think I'd like to see Sabretooth have another crack at Wolverine, but this time in full-blown complete monster mode. It would be great ot just see them go at it again in a film as intense as The Wolverine. Maybe pulling the whole Daken story arc, or the Morlock Massacre.

Other than that, I think I'd like to see Phoenix done justice...

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