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Originally Posted by EliteF50 View Post
Didn't like the score much. Felt far too generic and forgettable.

I hate how Wolverine still doesn't have a definitive theme like Batman, Superman and Spider-man do.
Ehh, wolverine doesn't need a definitive theme in my opinion. The x-men do, and hopefully we will revisit the X2 theme in DOFP. But Wovlerine I think should have dynamic music. This stuff was really good.

Spider-man doesn't really have a definitive theme. In raimis he does but not in ASM, expect that to change in ASM2 with Hans Zimmer. Superman is just getting started and Batman has just finished with Nolan, so their themes are up in the air at the moment.

As long as the music is great than i don't care. Most of this stuff and the X-men stuff has been greg thankfully.

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