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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

I have a cool idea in mind so I hope it will translate over to writing. Compliments of GAMINGBOY for inspiration to write. AWESOME, AWESOME thread!



--Arial view--

A faint eerie glow from our over-sized yellow sun glistens behind a thick, musky cloud of dust that has spread throughout a once beautiful city skyline.

Behind it, piercing blue skies of what would of been a brisk summer day.

Hundreds of pieces of office paper happily dance through the heavy air of sad death.

--A quick shot of a flock of WHITE DOVES fleeing elsewhere.


A single NIKE shoe; laces untied; corroded with powdery dust of falling debris.

A Teddy Bear; one eye shattered; barley recognizable from the manifestation of burning ash.


--Inside ground level of a hotel lobby; shattered glass everywhere--

--Silence & Muted--like a 1920's picture film--

The camera slowly moves closer and closer towards two firetrucks speeding through the city
streets in the distance.

--Dramatic slow motion--NO SOUND--

Fire Fighters hanging on the sides of their fire trucks; commotion; ringing sirens and screaming in bravery
as the rotating glow of orange and red sirens pierce through the alleyways of a once
crowded intersection as CITY-RESCUE races against time to find survivors of this fatal alien invasion.

--A whispering VOICE-OVER is heard--

My city. My poor, poor city. Ruined.

--Lens-flare-- to a glossy sky-scrapper window where we can only makeout a set of blood-shot eyes reflecting back at us;
stalking, gazing at the surreal damage and destruction.

I should have known this day would come. Years of power. Decades of hard work. Gone.



--Back-shot of this figure looking out at the Metropolitan skyline. Standing spine towards the camera with his hands behind his back.

The reflection this time ricocheting off the adjacent window as we see a "LEXCORP" billboard shadowing the beam of sunlight
on the floor beneath.

--Head tilts towards a flat-screen television mounted in the corner of the room. News coverage and reporters seen across the globe bringing us this special news bulletin.

Nobody threatens war against LEX LUTHOR and lives to see another day..


--CLOSEUP shot at the reveal of LEX LUTHOR as his face escapes a silhouette of himself against the wall beside him.

What nerve. Petty alien. I warned it. I threatened it. In the end, it just couldn't help itself, could it?

--LEX stumbles over to his abandoned office chair. Throws it aside. LEXCORP evacuated. LEX leans over with both arms on his desk, hands shaking.
He slowly reaches under his top drawer and pulls out a double-shot glass as he pours a flow of WHISKEY to the brim.

--Putting the wine glass up to his lips; stops for a brief second-- smells the WHISKEY around his nose--


Clark Kent..

--PAUSE-- going to wish he had never been born....


To be continued..

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