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Default Re: What's the worst that can happen?

The public will accept a new Batman if they think he's good and they think the film is good ,regardless of issues some fans will inevitably have with the film. You're always going to have those in the audience to whom Bale will be their Batman , much like Keaton was my Batman.

That's just how it is , and time really isn't gonna make that a big difference as far as that is concerned. You still had people complaining that Cavill wasn't as good as Reeve so you can see how the length of time doesn't always determine whether people can accept a new actor in a role. If that's who you were first exposed to in that role, that's basically the rubric you'll likely judge the performance by .

The key is the actor and the script. It has to be a story worth telling and the Batman actor is gonna have to be compelling enough to carry half of the film, hold his own in JLA, and carry his own solo series. Its not easy

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