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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

Agreed. Psylocke (and many other x-men characters) would have to undergo adaptations in order to get into these movies. There is so much backstory for many of the characters and in some cases it can feel more than a little schizophrenic with all the different directions certain characters take. Trimming off some of the the more outrageous aspects of a character can arguably be a great help in adapting them for the screen. Something which I think characters like Cable, if we are to see him in X-force, would desperately need.

Though I was thinking about Psylocke the other day and how it could be possible to adapt her for the screen in a better way than X3, but still keep X3 Psylocke canon (sorta). I thought since Prof. X did the body swap trick in X3 that it would be nice if they introduced a white English Elisabeth Braddock with psychic powers that suffered a fatal wound at the hands of an asian assassin (Psylocke from X3, but recasted) then it would be similar to the comics since Psylocke is the result of a body swap there also.

Though if Yukio were to be the x-films version of Psylocke I wonder if maybe they could do something similar to my idea mentioned above, except Yukio being the enemy (which would be unlikely), she instead willingly offers to take Braddock's consciousness inside her and the result is a mixture of the two women. A British/Japanese psychic ninja.

Though saying that I think that would probably be too convoluted (even with the precedent of X3) and it would be a shame to lose Yukio in any form since she was a great character.

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