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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

Jawlines, eye color, hair...I agree....NONE of this will be taken into consideration until later when they have to create a cowl for the actor. It's all irrelevant. Only hardcore fans care about this stuff and honestly the fans aren't really why these movies are made. Theyre made because the studios want money, tailor made for the general audiences not fanboys, and if the director is passionate himself and puts in what HE wants to put into a superhero movie.

Physique is also not a big issue. It's an issue. Only Bale got his role as a skinny man coming off of The Machinist cuz he's friggin Bale! And he has the dedication to bulk up. But they don't have to look like Joe Manganiello once they walk into a screentest. If they look average and it's months away from production, then it's fine. They hire trainers. As long as they're average in build.

The casting is all about intensity, dynamics as an actor (3 sides to a character people, not 1, Adkins should wake up from a Batman casting dream and apologize to WB just for dreaming it). It's all about box-office potential too. A bomb few years ago might mean nothing like Gyllenhaal and Prince Of Persia, but Armie Hammer for example JUST bombed really bad in Lone Ranger. Theyre casting now-ish. So that's never happening. Thank God anyway because he has zero intensity.

This is why Gosling and Bentley are big contenders. No matter what people say about this guy's voice, blah blah. It means nothing.

Originally Posted by Goku Goes Crazy View Post
Wes Bentley? Yikes. That's the first suggestion that I really kind of hate. I don't think he has it in him at all.
He has it in him more than anyone else suggested. Don't know what you're saying man!

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