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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by trisarahtopsx View Post
i think because they're doing a reboot of superman and creatinga new batman that fits into this universe, it's nice to see fresh faces on the screen. so what about sullivan stapleton? he has the charisma and bold personality that bruce has, also he's already had experience working with snyder in the new 300 movie. he's tough, confident, and cleans up nicely. for anyone who does not know to whom i am referring to, go and watch the trailer for the new 300 movie, he's one of the main characters.

I really like Stapleton as an actor and I've suggested him here before, but I think his Strike Back co-star, Philip Winchester is a better fit for Batman. Of course, that might just be because his Strike Back character is much more Batman-like while Sullivan's is more of a Hal Jordan type.

Michael Shannon for the Man in the Yellow Hat
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