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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

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I commend Wes Bentley for getting clean. I've heard that addiction to drugs is a powerful thing and I think it's great that he was able to beat it and I hope he continues to stay sober. Good for him for scoring a role in Hunger Games and Interstellar. I don't think anyone or any company should hold anything against with regards to his past problems.
He was one of the best friends of heath ledger:

DETAILS: Later, you became friends with Heath Ledger while filming The Four Feathers. What kind of impact did he have on you?
Wes Bentley: He was as close as a person could be to me without being my actual brother. We both had that thing in us—a bit of reckless fearlessness. Whenever we got together, especially early on, we were all about pushing ourselves to be better. Not just as actors, but with our lives, too—the way we approached relationships, reading and writing poetry . . .

DETAILS: Did you read your poems to each other?
Wes Bentley: No, but we did show each other our work. He wrote his poetry on the computer, I wrote mine by hand. One time—this was in London, early in the morning, and we'd been up all night—I was reading from his computer, and I turned to him and said, 'This is beautiful, man, but I hate reading on computers.' He walked right up, grabbed the laptop, snapped it over his knee, and threw it off the balcony. Then he looked down and went, "Oh ****. Shouldn't have done that."

DETAILS: Do you still keep in touch with anyone in his family?
Wes Bentley: No, not really. I knew them well, but when he and Michelle were having their baby, we started to drift apart because I was falling more into my addiction and I felt like I shouldn't be bringing that around him. I respect her so much, and I just didn't want to . . . it was like that with my family. I shut off from everyone because I didn't want them to see or be around [me]. When Heath died, you'd think I'd react by saying, "Oh God, this stuff . . . I don't want to die too." But it actually made me fall in it deeper.
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