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Default Re: What's the worst that can happen?

the worst thing that could happen is that they RUSH their story. personally, i would like the central focus in the beginning to be on clark and his new issues of being superman, and his emotional turmoil of killing zod. i want him to talk if briefly, how hard killing another being was for him and that he swears he will never do it again. i want snyder to then take his time introducing lex luthor who is a brilliant fascinating character. and thennnnnn, after a good focus on the central superman characters, should they introduce batman.
see, i am a hardcore batman fan. i do the whole comic book collecting—and no, not just the new 52—batman themed room decorating, just, to the core batman crazy. so it comes to my friends as a shock when i say that i DO NOT want batman to star too much in this sequel. this is a MAN OF STEEL MOVIE. relax hollywood, you just had three amazing batman films, let superman have his time to shine. dont have batman be anywhere near the beginning of this movie, dont introduce doomsday and brainiac....make sure you write up a great plot with lex luthor, perhaps playing the fear card and turning metropolis against superman...just, seriously, dont rush the movie. write a good script, have someone ELSE read that script and get a secondary thumbs up, otherwise we’ll end up with another green lantern debacle.

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