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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - P

Hey, remember itīs not about him having a hard time to believe it might go down differently. He knows that there could be sucess. Itīs just that he believes that itīs more likely to fail if they donīt "focus" more on Thor, which he obviously is a big fan of.

Itīs more about him being new to discussion at this forum (35 posts). He wants to make a point and get some confirmation. Do you think I gave up because Rock Sexton gave me hard time (with logical reasons ofc) when I suggested that there might be Widow Bucky romance flashback. Or when we "fought" over the IG pictures and theories.

He doesnīt know exactly where the line goes or how to drop things and move on even if you disagree when he is a newbie. To have someone partly agree would probably make him move on and start talk more about other stuff.

You are treating him with what he deserves, not as newcommer, but as experienced member. Donīt get me wrong, someone must tell him to turn it down a notch but donīt get so "angry" because he does a little wrong. Suggestions and a nice approach usually does it.

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