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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie


Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

--NIGHT--Cut to a dirty pair of working boots stomping through high weeds in a corn-field as we hear the sound of a beer bottle down to its last sips as a firm hand tightly grips its sweaty exterior. The other hand shows a folded up belt as if used as a weapon of discipline.

Where yew at?! I told yew to not run from me! Where yew at, boy!? Don't make me say it again!

--CUT TO AN OLD FARM BARN-- dark as can be. We hear the whimpers of a frightened little boy, crawled on in a fetal position with his head tucked between his knees, hiding behind bows at hay.

In the near distance, we hear the echos of the man above getting closer to the a barn door.

You're in for it now, boy! You hear? You got to come home sometime! I'll be waiting for you..

--EXIT back to the BARN where the footsteps of the man are right up against the barn walls separating him and the frightened little boy trying to hold his breath.

--CLOSEUP at the wide eyes of a scared boy.

In panic, the little boy finds a hatchet, lifts it open and discovers some kind of object covered in a big tarp. He plunges his little body in this area, lifts the tarp and jumps in this "object", grabs a shard of "rock" for a weapon as he begins to say a prayer:

Little Lex:
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done..

--As the man is about to enter the barn door, an overwhelming SPOTLIGHT flashes on the barn. The "KENT" mailbox is visible in the frame.


--Camera cuts to Lex trying to listen in on what's happening above. He exits the object and push's against the hatchet as you can see one eyeball peeking through.

He sees the spotlight coming in through the cracks of the barn walls as you hear the mans footsteps stomp off in the weeds and out of sight.

--CUT TO a slight tear rolling down the boys cheek as he puts the "rock" in his pajama-pocket for safety.

--Camera pans on the opening of the barn door as Lex sprints towards the direction of where the spotlight shined from. In the distance, he sees an old-farm home. A home that looked warm and full of love.

--Lex stops in his tracks and notices a light in the upper-right hand corner of the home. A bedroom light. HOPE overcomes his malnourished body.

--Camera cuts inside the home where we see MA KENT yelling upstairs, her voice bouncing off a rickety old banister.

Clark, time for bed! Did you brush your teeth?

YOUNG CLARK ( sitting up against his headboard, bed still made; reading the book "PLATO")
YES MOM, just a second. Let me finish reading up this chapter and I'll get right to sleep.

Okay, hunny. Lights out early. You know your father needs help in the old barn-yard tomorrow, so get good sleep.

--Clark rolls his eyes--

--Just as Clark puts his bookmark to keep his page-holder, he hears a tapping outside his bedroom window.

(Tap, tap. taptaptaptaptaptap.)

Young Clark
The heck is that?

--Clark runs over to the window and see a young boy desperately trying to get his attention. Clark opens the window.

Young Clark

Young Lex:
LetmeinletmeinLET ME IN...

Young Clark
SHHH! My parents will hear you! Why are you here? Who are you?

--Petrified, Lex tries to force his way in as Clark grabs his legs and stops him from entering..

Young Clark
My Parents said I'm not allowed to have strangers in my home. I'm going to have to ask you to leave..

Young Lex
But you DON'T understand, my dad...

Young Clark
Stay here. Don't move. I'll tell my parents and call the police..

--Just as Clark turns back, Lex is gone. Clark puts his head out the window and uses his microscopic vision to try to locate where this kid ran off to after trying to enter his room.

--Lex is seen climbing down the side of the Kent-home and takes off without a trace. Out into the woods, he trips and falls. A rock exits his pajama pocket, glowing green in the twigs it lies behind. Lex walks over and picks it up in his fists.

Young Lex:
What is this?

-The rock is extraordinary, glowing all kind of 3-dimensional green as it sits in the palms of Lex's hands.

Young Lex
What the hell?

--Examining the rock closer--

Young Lex
Oh this is good. This is REAL good. I will prove once and for all to my father that I am NOT the mess-up he thinks I am..

A big smile come across YOUNG LEX's face as he runs past the camera. As soon as he exits frame, we see Young Clark in the background looking on from above his bedroom window, dumbfounded of what just happened.

To be continued.

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