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Default Re: The #DOFP Buzz/Hype Thread [Net, Blogs, Statistics...]

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
That means the entire future of franchise Is resting on Days of future past.Fox Is spending 200 Million at least on DOFP.It domestic numbers aren't close to Man of steel's 285 Million
close to adjusted domestic takes for X2(282 Million) and Last Stand(283 Million) you can kiss expansion of universe goodbye.The wolverine underperforming may kill X-Force.
Cap doesn't need to make Avenger money...or Iron Man money....or Thor money to be a success. And The Wolverine doesn't need to compete with other X films, especially ones that are over a decade old. Times have changed alot. If The Wolverine walks away with profit, why would Fox not make more X films? Don't studios want money? X-Men and X spinnoffs are one their most valuable franchises. These films have to start connecting themselves better to stay fresh in the audiences head. Waiting 4-8 years for a sequel is not a gonna work for Fox. The fact Wolverine was released a year before DOFP with overall positive reaction is a good thing and will only help DOFP since it's lead is Jackman. Add all the other cast plus epic **** in DOFP and Memorial weekend is gonna be huge for X-Men.

Again, I think the most important thing is keeping the characters fresh in peoples heads with good movies. X-Men hans't done nearly as much as they should have with their characters. Especially the well known ones. Now is the time to do that, and you can not do it with one film every 3 years. Rogue, Gambit, Deadpool, Cyclops, Psylocke, Cable, Archangel, Apocaylpse, Nightcrawler etc need to start having their place here. Enough of this waiting bs. Its doing them no good, and that **** just doesn't work. Keep it moving with good characters and a larger world and the money will come.

FC and The Wolverine were a good NEW start that audiences enjoyed, and DOFP will be the film that fully kickstarts the world into high gear. Even with the same cast this franchise is really just starting over. Expect the major success post DOFP....if it's a good film.

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