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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

A disservice to the character is what they did with her in X3. Considering most people overlooked it I'd rather they ignore she existed.

As far as Rila goes, she did do a lot of her own stunts. That was one of the main reasons she was cast.

RE her as a possible Psylocke I think the pros outweigh the cons:

- She's already established as existing in the universe
- She's been very well received
- She's a mutant with psychic powers
- She's a kick ass martial artist
- She has an open ended story with two years absent between the end of Wolvie and beginning of DOFP

Psylocke's comics mythology is so convoluted that I would be 100% on board with them modifying it even more for film use as long as it serves the story. Unlike the unnecessary fan (dis)service of X3. It could easily be explained how Prof X teaches her to tap into her mutant power and extrapolate it for physical combat, etc, etc. Psylocke could simply be Yukio's callsign like Wolverine is Logan's.

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