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Default Re: Batman vs. Superman plot speculation

How I think this movie should go, or at least how I would do it, upon further thought about what they need to do in this movie:

We start the film with Clark watching Lois do a report on the mysterious "Batman" who recently surfaced in Gotham City. They discuss the shadiness of such a character and Superman's possible influence in creating him and whether or not what he's doing is any better. Bruce comes to Metropolis to do a business venture with Lex in order to restore the city after the events of MoS. They both agree Superman can't be trusted. What Lex doesn't know is that Bruce is keeping an eye on him with this venture as well.

Meanwhile, we're introduced to John Corben, one of Lex's employees who is helping Lex "oversee" the venture. Clark finds out through his job at the Daily Planet that Lex is using the venture with Wayne Enterprises to secretly stockpile left over alien tech and debris from Zod's attack, and is also doing some nefarious **** that will make him more money and gain more political control over Metropolis. Bruce decides to take on this case himself as Batman as well.

Supes and Bats eventually have a run-in with each other, where they "fight" for the first time. Batman explains he doesn't trust Superman and thinks he's playing god, while Superman doesn't trust a man who won't show his face. They find out each others' secret identities Superman TAS style. They continue to have an antagonistic relationship throughout the film while fighting against Luther's plans.

Eventually towards the end of the second act, Corben is gravely injured in the process of a Supes/Bats conflict and Lex takes the opportunity to turn him into Metallo. By using Superman's reckless behavior as an excuse, Lex makes a deal with the government to take Superman down with Metallo, who is partially made of the terraformed Earth that Zod created, or as Lex dubs it, Kryptonite. Bruce actually had a hand in helping to create the materials that would be used for Metallo, as he agreed with Luther that they should make something to counteract Superman in case he ever crossed a certain line.

Metallo takes it too far and starts endangering the city himself, so Superman and Batman team-up to stop him. They come to an understanding with each other through this. Metallo, like Zod before him, eventually puts the life of a family in danger and Supes tries to stop him. Rather than killing him like he did Zod, Superman remembers what Batman told him about no killing and decides not to take the easy way out. He saves the family through different means, perhaps throwing himself in the way somehow and leaving Batman to finish Metallo off. Bats is proud of Supes for not taking the easy way out this time.

Bruce reveals all the dirt he dug up on Luther during his venture and uses that to discredit his name with the public. Bats and Supes go their separate ways with a mutual understanding and grudging respect for one another.

That is just an outline, obviously you want to make it less straightforward and more exciting than just that. And also give the Daily Planet people stuff to do. But I like it as a foundation for a Batman/Superman movie. This plot focuses on the character relations, development, plot and goes more in-depth into it than MoS while still delivering Batman vs. Superman and a good challenge for Superman as well. And not making Lex out to be more than he is, a shrewd business man who doesn't trust Superman.

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