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Default Re: The Cure from X Men The Last Stand: mentioned in Wolverine...

Originally Posted by Oberon sexton View Post
He didn't seem "too" freaked out by Mag's having his powers back so I just assumed that it was commonly known that it wasn't a permanent deal, hence why it want brought up.
It was already shown in X3 that the cure didn't work that long for Magneto.

And a 2-minute mid-credits scene is not the right time to mention that the cure didn't work.

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
I don't understand why they still try to make X3 canon, to be frank; there was a real opportunity in The Wolverine and DOFP to at least ignore the events from X3, but instead they still acknowledge that train wreck of a movie. Seems to me that it is a bad decision-making from the creative team.
Ehhh since when it became a rule/trend to ignore the bad movies. It only happened to Superman Returns and look what happened to the film.

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