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Originally Posted by Saitou Hajime View Post
Why are some people comparing Cap to Wolverine? Cap didn't have an established cinematic presence like Wolverine. Cap also wasn't the solo hero cornerstone of a franchise like Wolverine is. Wolverine should be compared to Iron Man, who needed and turned out to be a mega sucess and has been propping up the MCU ever since.
I was using it as an example of a film that did not make as much as the others in a series of films. They are all a success and both have sequels. They wont stop making Cap or Wolverine films cause they didn't make as much as the higher grossing films in the MCU or Xverse. The films have to flat out bomb for them to stop studios from making them.

The negative overreaction to a possible Wolverine box office is ridiculous since the film could end up grossing three times its budget with world wide intake.

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