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Thor fan. Yes. Angry person. Hardly. I predicted a while back that the marketing for this movie was poor, which it has been, and people bashed me. People attacked me, and still attack me personally, when my post have always been about Thor. I could point out names, but I don't feel the need for that, because this is just a forum FOR discuss. I come on this site a lot, and though I don't always post, I do read the comments, and when I see people speak of there displeasures of Thor 2 post production, it's almost always the same reaction...bash the poster and defend Marvel. Just because Marvel has professionals on the production team, doesn't mean their fool prof. Many reasons can be the blame for this, but what is apparent is that Thor 2 is not getting that much exposure, like IM3 did, or compared to titles unreleased. My example of Hunger Games 2, following a movie that did much better then Thor, is doing an amazing job with their post marketing. Posters of main characters, interviews from actors/actress, screen art, screen shots, trailer(s), ect. Yes Hunger Games was a great movie, but the production team has made everyone excited to see it. Google Thor 2(mind you, your actually looking for new info, imagine all of the people who are not), and your going to see the same information from months ago, and fan art. Other then seeing a few toys, and talks of Thor's hand, nothing has changed much for months.

Say what you will about me, but I'm simply observing what is going on. I love marvel, but not so much that I'm going to make excuses for it. Thor was an okay movie, that was tied to a great one. Thor the character is still very much in the dark, even after his own film, and his stand alone movie NEEDS promotion. Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Hulk, are american favorites, if anything they don't need that much exposure. Thor is still a B lister, compared to the cast I just mentioned, and he needs the extra push. The actors should be under contract to talk Thor 2 where ever they are, and Chris Hemsworth hadn't evens seen the comic footage, which means he wasn't even prepared to discuss it with the public if asked...that's incredibly crappy. Is this movie doomed...of course not, anything can happen, but everything is pointing to this movie being a let down to Thor fans.

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