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Default Re: The #DOFP Buzz/Hype Thread [Net, Blogs, Statistics...]

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Im not trying to get into any of that, thats why I did not bold the rest of your quote. I was strictly comparing the lowest grossing entry of a series, and how that does not exactly mean its a flop. I could have used any of the lowest grossing film in a Solo/sequel/spinnoff or whatever the hell in a franchise that still had successful numbers. Im not trying to point out any distinct similarities in bringing Wolverine, Iron Man or Cap to the screen or their success.

My point was comparing films box office is ********, when they still are making the studio's decent profit. Thats it. If I didn't make that clear I apologize.
But as I've said, context is important when making these comparisons, otherwise it's just pointless.

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