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Default Re: Batman vs. Superman plot speculation

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
The villains that I'd like to see in the film: Lex, Metallo, and Deathstroke.
This. I've said it before but you always have some of the best ideas I've seen.

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
This thread exists somewhere else already, so until mods can merge it, here's a new one.

I think the characters involved should be Batman, Superman, Lois, Martha, Perry, Jimmy, Gordon, Alfred, Lex, Metallo, and Joker.
My idea is basically the World's Finest animated movie on film

Bruce Wayne can travel to Metropolis using a business deal with Lex Luthor as a front. At night he'd investigate Superman, whom Batman doesn't initially trust, and also Batman has been lead to Metropolis because he has heard word of a large shipment of Kryptonite being purchased by an unknown buyer.

After stopping some sort of minor crime, Superman discovers he is being watched by Batman. Because of Batman's menacing appearance and reputation for being a vigilante outlaw, Superman thinks Batman is a villain and attacks him relentlessly, demanding answers. Batman and Superman fight until a standstill until Batman pulls out a small sample of Kryptonite, telling Superman that people intend to buy a lot of it and Batman wants to know why.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is publicly criticizing Superman's destruction of Metropolis, and promises to rebuild the city.

I think it could be cool to do something like Public Enemies where Lex put out a bounty on Superman..

And should we get regular evil billionaire genius Lex or President Lex. I definitely want President Lex at some point i just don't know if it should be in World's Finest or Justice League.

You could do Batman and Superman going to Apokolips, that could be pretty awesome too.

Or Ra's and Lex. Or Brainiac and Lex. Really there are so many villain choices
Definitely too soon for Joker and any Nolan villains. Plus using Nolan or Burton/Schumacher villains again is like bringing Darth Vader & The Emperor back to Star Wars: Episode VII. Some people want something new. I wouldn't also go into space just yet and villains like Brainiac & Darkseid are better left to JL movies IMHO.

Public Enemies would be a great story to base off. It's essentially a fast-paced fun Lex Luthor vs Superman story(which is what the sequel calls for) with a little Batman on the side.

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