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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Ditto; and plus, on my own personal opinion, I'd be okay with Bruce trying to flirt with Lois, only for her to turn him down quickly.

If Lois and Clark are already in an official relationship by the time this film starts, it would make Lois look bad in my honest opinion if she had no qualms with flirting back with Bruce.

Plus, I don't need to see the kind of drama where Lois makes Clark jealous; I mean, Superman already has enough to compete with Batman and the last thing that I want is to see the guy lose to batman in the love department as well.

If they turned Amy's Lois into what became of Mary Jane in the Spider-Man series..then damn, that'll be such a waste. Heck, I'd have no problem with Cavil's superman ending up with Wonder Woman down the line if they destroy Amy's Lois by making her into a Bella-like character

I want Lois and Clark to be the primary and probably only romantic aspect of the film.
I couldn't stand her in SM2.

What character?

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